First off, sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written here. It’s been a rough going of things, personal life is up and down, and work, it’s just a mess, but it’s created more fun times with Fred to share.

Let’s start off with a catch up. It reached a boiling point with Fred where I sent an email to my boss describing how things have been, and stating that I need changes to be able to continue working. This resulted in a meeting. This meeting was basically just listening to me, then the one comment I got hooked on, and really irked me, was “He’s just upset that you went on vacation, so he’s probably just taking it out on you.”

Seriously!? Are you kidding me? This is all my fault because I went on a 4 day holiday? Note to self, never take a short holiday.

So this talking to lead to 1.5, almost 2 weeks of semi a semblance of peace.

Then…. BOOM! goes the dynamite.


Oh yeah. And with that, it’s on like Donkey Kong people.

It started with me coming in 5 minutes late due to multiple accidents on my way to work.  I was told by a few coworkers, that right before I came in, I was thrown under the bus. Apparently, he told the team lead, that I’m in late everyday to work. What!? I’m that person that feels compelled to be into work at least 5 to 10 minutes early.


The next day, I came in (8 minutes early! ) and as I turn the corner to my pod, I hear, “Can we please have a meeting about cherry-picking from the inbox? I feel she keeps taking all the ones that she only wants.” I was 4 feet away on the other side of the cubicle wall.

Here’s the thing, when I was trained, I was told take the next email in the box, don’t read through, just get the next one. So I do, I’m not afraid to ask questions if it’s confusing me. However, when I get to the inbox, half of the messages are read, but not moved out, and he will have his name tagged to randomly on emails. Hmm. And I’m the cherry-picker for taking the next one in queue.

It wasn’t too bad the next 2 days, and then it was the weekend basically.

This week, uh oh.

Let’s start with Monday. Everything I do is wrong. Why is it wrong? Oh that’s easy, because it’s not done his way. It’s Fred’s way, or it’s not right. So everything I did was picked apart, and taken to the manger to show how bad I am. Yesterday (Tuesday), uh. Yes, uh. He cannot stay in his seat, everything I did, was pulled back, and taken to the manager. He managed to do a total of …. 4 things! Oh it was so hard to apparently, let me tell you. Also, if I was trying to get any assistance, I had to yell to get attention. Then it comes to today. The bloody wanker has become more devious.  So devious that this needs a new paragraph.

Let’s start with the fact that when I left the night before, the email boxes were pretty much under control. I caught everything up before I left, despite this major influx of phone calls. There were about 10 total issues that needed dealt with. Want to know what it looked like when I came in? 50 some emails. about 1/3 of them were already read and nothing done with them. So, wanting to know what was going on, I looked at the sent box. Are you ready? 2 emails went out. 2! Bastage! I mean it too. Bastage!

But don’t worry, it doesn’t stop there. Not at all. He was at his desk for what, maybe 45 minutes total it seemed in the morning half, and slightly more in the second half ( this would be because the boss was gone after around 3). The phones were going off the entire time. In fact, there were times that I didn’t even put the phone back into the cradle after a call hung up and I was already on another one. Meanwhile, he had no calls. Oh he was logged in, but the child had his phone away the whole time. He decided his work was more important. His waiting for replies to emails. I was juggling 3 emergencies at the same time. It was insane. It took me forever to deal with things that should have taken 30 minutes each.

What is the point of all of this?

I have 2 agencies looking to place me now. The one that got me this job, it took me repeatedly going to them with my issues to finally take action. I’m unhappy. Work is literally battle grounds. Usually, I have headphones in to try and keep myself from turning into The HULK. I will, don’t doubt it, I’m way worse than Bruce Banner. But apparently Fred didn’t like it. So the boss told me to no longer use them. Now I have iHeartradio playing. It’s been on hard rock lately. It keeps me focused. Keeps the beast at bay.

Very much at bay.

I’m hoping that the agencies find something soon. I need out of there, quickly, or one of us won’t make it.

I Need Peace from Fred.

Fred is at it again. Today was no different. He is rather upset lately that he is losing at his own game. ( I did say I don’t like to lose. It’s not my fault his errors cost the company money, and I just happen to point them out to him, just to watch his face as he tries to lay the blame elsewhere). I thought that perhaps he would calm down whilst I was away for a few days.

I was wrong.

The first day back, no, not even back in the office yet, and I had an email detailing what was done wrong. These were not even my mistakes, but I was to take the blame for them. Fine, 2 can play at this game. You’re on Fred! 10 minutes into the work day, I get a phone call. It’s an upset customer, they requested for a proof of their order to be sent to them before it was printed, and they never received it. I take their information, and begin to trace what happened. I find the email chain (I love Google for conversation mode, makes it so much easier to see the errors Fred makes), and found that they did request a proof, but someone (FRED), never passed this information along. So now the order has shipped to the customer already, and if it’s wrong, we will have to print it again and mark it as a loss to the company. Thanks Fred! Great way to spend the morning.

This doesn’t end there though my fine feathered friends.  Not at all! Once this whole error was sorted out, guess who had to call the customer back, and if you say Fred, I’ll take your money now because you lost.  He made me call them back, explain the error, and then say if it’s wrong, we’ll reprint it for them. They made sure to write my name down, making this look like my error. Trust me, I made sure everything was noted in the logs about this one. Fred’s name is everywhere showing how he screwed up.

Only took 3 more hours before I find the next one.  My files were out of order, and not marked and updated. They were suppose to be. So now I look like an idiot as I’m trying to follow up on things that were already done and closed. I come across as super smart! Go me! That’s ok, he got his back 10 fold. He was thinking he knew all without actually reading the emails, and proceeded to get back replies stating how I have already dealt with it. His own stupid fault.

Yes it knocked him down a peg or so, but wow, is he a vengeful little snot.

Today Fred decided to triple my work load. He tagged all but 3 issues with my name (cherry picker), and proceeded to spend all day working on 3 things. Mind you sometimes things do take all day to work on, but these were things that normally would take 10 to 30 minutes and they would be solved. I was stuck with everything else. I only got through what was not dealt with yesterday. I hate to see what things will look like tomorrow.


As he’s taking his time working on his “issues” (as we know he as a whole lot of his own to work with), he thinks it too much to deal with, and takes his phone out of the call queue. I ended up on about a 45 to 60 minute stretch of nonstop calls. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but I happened to glance over and he wasn’t on his phone. “Fred, is your phone on? I’m trying to go on my break and the calls are nonstop, yet you’re not getting any. Funny how that works.” (Yes grease monkeys, I really said that to him). What is his reply? “I’m working on something and I cannot afford to take calls.” Wrong thing to say.  “You better log in because I’m taking myself out of queue and taking my break. Deal.”

I know I’m going to hear about this tomorrow. He happens to be teachers pet. He can do no wrong. After all he takes the credit for all that goes right ( I should know, he shows my work as his), and when something goes wrong, he’s always pointing the blame at someone else, never him, even if I can prove it’s his fault.

Oh well.

Tomorrow he will regret going on lunch break. I have my metal cutters and the t pins. I’m not fooling around this time. He will be sitting on them. And I cannot wait to see his face and then ask him what happened.


Yes, I can be that evil. You work with him for a day. I dare you.

Fred made a game

Honestly Fred, how childish can one be? I’m sure that you are more than willing to prove to me that my nephew is more mature than you are.

Again you say? Yes, again. I find it sad that I am not making these up, that these are not works of fiction from my crazy kind, but alas, he is really like this. I wonder how he is able to function at all.

Fred likes to always be right. He is “never” wrong. I have a new game. It’s fun, and it’s all Fred’s fault. How is it his fault? Fred believes he can do no wrong, that he’s always right, and that I know nothing and am always wrong.

Did you guess the game yet? No you say. Ok, let’s give some more background.

Every morning, and every time I come back from break, there are new post it notes on my desk. These post it notes are full of what was not done or done wrong. A lot of research goes into these, which explains why nothing has been done while I’m not there. It’s weird things like I forgot to make a note that a person emailed. So, the email in the inbox marked that I’m working on and have no more information to mark is wrong, ok thanks. It’s notes about things like that I am always finding. Fun times. Fred does this all the time instead of actually dealing with problems. And he wonders why I get irritated when he keeps throwing problems my way.

So do you know what what the game is yet?

You are so right!

I play the “You made an error! ” game with Fred. Fred doesn’t like it all. I’m really good at it too, as I’m always correcting his errors instead of just marking them for him to fix himself.

I have a notebook that I write down all his errors and when he tells me I’m wrong, I show him his 8 to my one. Fred then pouts and refuses to talk for over 2 hours unless its to give a snide remark to me. I guess that means point for me.

I think my 2 favorite examples are from today. Fred wasn’t happy either time. See:


Yeah his face looked like that after each time. Kinda funny. Anyways. Back to story.

The first instance today was I was putting a quote into the one system. He swore up and down that I was putting it into the wrong system. This argument got rather loud so the next group of pod people heard as well. I know that the loudest voice is not correct, but to be able to get over the voice in his head telling him how awesome he is, you need to speak up. Anywho, he finally admitted defeat and allowed me to go about it my way. Then I get the quote back and guess what? I was right. He was so wrong. I just had to make sure that he knew. For 5 minutes there were file drawers slamming and grumbling a ensuing.

The next one just made me grin. There was am email about an issue if an order not dropping into the system. It happens from time to time. I put my flag on it to research. As I’m researching it, the number attached to it comes up as invalid. What the frak? It shouldn’t be. I double and triple check. Holy Asgard! It is. As I’m looking, the number was put in by Fred. I get a huge grin. “Oh Fred! Would you mind looking at this? The number keeps coming up as invalid.” Snicker snicker.

He looks. “This can’t be right. I know I put the number in right. It must be messed up on the vendor end.” He calls the vendor. The person tells him he was going by the number Fred sent him. Fred was wrong. Fred messed up. Fred got mad. Fred threw papers and stormed out of the pod. I fell out of my chair laughing. No it wasn’t mean. He left 3 post it’s stating I punctuated wrong. Karma is awesome if you respect her.

Fred is still not speaking to me, and left 3 more post it notes for me.

Someone asked. Why does he leave post it notes. That’s simple. I talk back. That must mean I am scary.