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Why the Party?

So one day, I was buying tea, and whilst talking to the salesperson, somehow randomly out of my mouth popped, “It’s always a mad tea party in my head.” And it was all magic after that.  All I could think of after that was how much it fit me, well that and the usual randomness that falls out of my mouth. Then inspiration struck. Why not put all of my own ramblings, whether it be from life experiences, depression, PTSD, poetry, photography, or other random thoughts, here.  Make it easier to find, and out popped this blog. I’ll be migrating my blog about road through depressions and rabbit holes to here, but please, do check that one out too until this has been completed.

Do you have something you think would fit here? Then email it to me   rabbitholesalice  gmail com


6 thoughts on “Why the Party?

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