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Out of the Darkness – Pittsburgh


Once upon a time, a Stormtrooper introduced me to an organization called The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. It took a little bit for me to look into everything, as I was one to refuse to admit I had attempted suicide. I’m still here, so it was a failure, and I do not like to admit failure. When I admitted to myself that I went through that and was ready to share, I took a look at the foundation.

I wish I would have known about them when I needed them that New Year’s Eve.

There are many others out there that are currently affected by suicide, either from struggling with the thoughts, or trying to cope with the loss of a someone they know from suicide. American Foundation for Suicide Awareness is there to help. If you look at their homepage, you have the options to look at Understanding and Preventing Suicide, Help with Coping from a Loss, Advocacy and Public Policy, Research, News, and Ways to Give. One of these ways to give is through your local chapter’s Out of the Darkness Walk. I took the plunge despite only having a short period of time to fund raise and created a team, The Tutu Convention.

The name come from the wonderful mind of Rara, and a conversation her and I had. She had shared how her niece told her that the reason she was sad was because she was not wearing her tutu. This promptly lead to me sharing a picture of the Eh Bee family all wearing tutus. This promptly lead to us discussing how there should be a blogging convention BITCon (Bloggers in Tutus Convention). It would be the happiest convention ever. Well since I cannot put this convention together at the moment, I’m doing the next best thing, I’m going to participate in this walk wearing a Tutu. Thus the team name is Tutu Convention.

Eh Bee Tutu Power

Eh Bee Tutu Power

I strongly encourage all to check out their local chapters and become involved. I’ve signed to volunteer to speak and work at events, as well as become an advocate for this organization. I try to educate all that I can. Therefore, I’m education you. Please, take the time to look at their website, as well as check out my team page (or the Stormtrooper’s as well), and either join if you’re in the area, or donate and share the page. Help those that need this organization.

My Team Page
My Personal Page
Stormtrooper’s Page
American Foundation’s Page

8 thoughts on “Out of the Darkness – Pittsburgh

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  2. That’s a great cause to support. There are lots of organizations like this but unfortunately our dumb governments never give them what they deserve, and it is so, so important to put these phone numbers and this information into the hands of people who need it most.

    • I keep them with me all the time now. I wish I knew about them when I needed them. I want them to be right there in the thoughts of everyone so they’ll have them when they need them.

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