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So I’ve been working on a piece to follow up The Day I Died posted on Hasty Words site this week. I like writing around a poem that tries to display what I’m feeling as sometimes it displays it better than describing what happened. This piece is had the assistance of the Amazing Hasty Words as I was a little stuck. She is incredible as we all know. Love that woman. Anyways, sometimes you meet a person that you think is the answer to love, and learn a dark secret about them. I wish it didn’t happen, but it does. As life goes, we tend to not notice until it’s too late and the abuse has been on going. This is my story.

shatter copy


Your love is a dirty little drug
Seeping, flowing through my veins
Leaving me frozen and numb
To feel none of the pains

You made me feel alive
To forget the fear raging inside
Covering my world in shadows
Urging me to run and hide

Holding on to my dark addiction
Obsession that overrides sanity
I need the love you hurt me with
I crave the desire that tortures me

I am now a patchwork quilt
Just pieces of torn fabric
Emotions stitched together
With ragged melancholy seams

With your skin like Iron and mine like Glass
Saying you love me and want to set me free
Reaching ever closer and closer
you lean in and shatter me

17 thoughts on “Shattered

  1. Ah, but your experiences make you beautiful because you aren’t all uniform and tidy. And you know that no matter how many times life tries to shatter you, your pieces can be put back together in a million different gorgeous ways. ❤

  2. Reblogged this on hastywords and commented:
    I love when poetry just happens.

    Lindsay has been working out her feelings which started with her post here titled THE DAY I DIED and is working her way through her feelings using poetry and prose.

    Many times I will be having a conversation and the only way I can show them I understand how they feel is to write poetry. Lindsay sent a few verses and I added a few more to let her know I understood.

    It doesn’t matter how you connect, it just matters that you do 🙂

    Love you pretty!

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