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A nice piece I worked on with Hastywords. 🙂


Lindsay sent me a verse over a week ago out of the blue and this happened.

woman-506120_1920NOT YOURS by Lindsay and Hastywords

Target Is who I am not
For your torment and abuse
Slander and Lies
Have sucked me dry

Every mirror reflects black
Since I let you into my head
Darkened by your moods
Dictated by all our feuds

I’m not an item to collect
Another heart for your wall
Leaving this empty hole
Where you tried to control

There are no strings attached
No worn buckles or leather straps
I am not just another cheap thrill
Nor a soul you can shred and kill

Not a careless afterthought
always your last resort
Always changing the story
to take all the glory

I am the resurrection in spite
The beauty your eyes can’t see
The purring lion you won’t hear
The beast you will not defeat

Lindsay is…

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